The Purpose of ALL Ladies League, Birmingham and West Midlands Chapter is to empower women to accomplish their unfulfilled dreams, be economically stable and leave a legacy to the younger generation. We will reach out to less fortunate women and men by encouraging, enabling, empowering and engaging their entrepreneurial ventures. 


Committed to making the invisible efforts of women more visible.

The Women Economic Forum is a place for:

  • Ordinary women to seek to rise to extraordinary heights
  • Dreamers and achievers to learn and explore
  • Living life to its fullest while embracing personal growth
  • Women to love, care and contribute to societal advancement.


  • Celebrating diversity
  • Building bridges across cultures and faiths
  • Collaborating in for the greater good
  • Innovating and growing new economies
  • Building and sustaining effective teamwork
  • Trusting each other and being transparent
  • Connecting with love integrity.

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Meet The Team


Dr Harbeen Arora

Founder ALL Ladies League & WEF, International Chair of WEF


ALL Ladies League (ALL) is the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a global movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL by empowering women’s leadership.

With over 500+ chapters and 70,000+ members across 150+ countries (and growing), ALL is the fastest growing worldwide web of women where women across strata and societies are coming together to discover their strengths and leadership in unprecedented ways. We focus on enhancing women’s leadership in ALL fields through Inclusion, Inspiration, and Innovation.

Within the hundreds of chapters and groups worldwide that function as Lighthouses beckoning those who seek support and need networks; women from diverse fields are coming together and expanding circles of sisterhood and empowering the chain of change.

The Women Economic Forum is the Charity of All Ladies League.


Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée

Birmingham & West Midlands WEF Chapter Chair

High Performance Executive Coach and Professional International Speaker. A selection of Dr Neslyn’s Awards:

  • Women of the Decade in Community Leadership and Social Change by All Ladies League & Women Economic Forum
  • Best 100 Global Coaching Leaders
  • The Millennium Nurse Special Recognition Award
  • Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) for Health Service Development

LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/neslynwatsondruee


Dr. Neslyn’s Published Books are at - http://goo.gl/zLHfeS


Jo Thanki

Birmingham & West Midlands WEF Chapter Vice Chair

Jo Thanki is an Inspirational leader who is renowned for her dedication and commitment to social & economic regeneration.  An active networker and public speaker with extensive operational and strategic experience across all sectors, she works actively raising the profile of diversity, leadership and the importance of people reaching their potential in our global economy.

Jo is the immediate Past President of the Hindu Council of Birmingham which is an umbrella body representing British Hindus in West Midlands – serving the Hindu Community at a National level ensuring that Hindus continue to make a proactive contribution to the life and work of the UK.

Jo Thanki  was  the first Female Elected President of the Organization.   She has also served as the Trustee and Vice President of the Hindu Forum of Britain.  She was appointed by the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to serve on the Department of Work and Pensions Equality Committee.

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